Installation recommendations

Cartridges should be as tight as possible.

When preparing to drill holes where the cartridge will be located, consider the following factors:

  • The inside of the bore should be uniform, without scratches or different diameters, however small, it is recommended to finish it with a reamer.
  • Heat rises
  • Dissipation is higher at the ends and heat will be concentrated in the center.
  • Choose stock cartridges between 8 to 11 W/cm2
  • Try to have the drill with an outlet, in order to have an easier disassembly.
  • The connections must never be inside the borehole, as there is a risk of crossover or burning.
  • The connections must be protected to prevent liquids, plastics, gases, etc. from falling out.
  • It is advisable to incorporate probes that should be at a maximum distance of 15 mm from the cartridge, connected to a temperature regulator.
  • The cartridges must have a minimum cartridge spacing of 3 times the cartridge diameter.

- Extraction

If possible, a hole should be drilled at the opposite end of the connections, in order to be able to extract the cartridge more easily.

1. Drilling for extraction

2. Mold

3. Cartridge

- Physical characteristics of solids
Material p melting Cp Cf
Steel 7.8 1400 0.12 60
Aluminum 2.7 600 0.23 94
Bronze 78.4 900 0.10
Foundry 4.2 1150 0.13 30
Stainless Steel 7.8 1600 0.12 56

- Example of heating of a cutter blade

1. Cartridge

2. Probe

3. Maximum 15 millimeters

4. Maximum adjustment

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