Installation formulas

Online calculator

- How to heat a solid, liquid or gas volume in a given time

This calculation does not take into account possible heat losses.

P = Power to be installed in kW

V = Volume to be heated in I.(or dm3)

p = Weight in Kg/dm3

Vp = Weight to be heated in Kg

t1 = Initial temperature in ºC

t2 = Final temperature in ºC

Cp = Specific heat in Kcal/Kg x ºC

T = Heating up time in hours.

1.2 = Coef. of sec. considering tolerances on sector voltage and ohmic value of the cartridge.

P =  V * p * Cp * (t2 - t1) * 1,2
860 * T
- Calculation of W/cm2

W/Cm2 = Surface load W/cm2

P = Heating cartridge power (W)

S = Surface area (cm2) = diameter (units in cm)

W/Cm2 = P
- Ohms law calculator

scientific notation calculator

V = Voltage (V)

I = Current (I)

W = Power (W)

R = Ohms (R)

Ohms (R) = V
Ohms (R) = V * W
Ohms (R) = W
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