Safety data sheet

  • Cartridge heaters for exclusive use in industrial environments.
  • Heating cartridge of high concentration in W/cm2 that develops high temperatures.
  • Serious burns can occur if the skin comes into contact with parts of the heating system.
  • The process of installing a cartridge involves expert and qualified knowledge on the part of the installer.
  • It is necessary to use safety glasses, gloves and clothing suitable for high temperatures.


  • Indicate with symbols the warning of hot surfaces.
  • Store as protected from humidity as possible.
  • Cut off the total current of the machine or mold.
  • Check that the machine or mold is at room temperature.
  • Introduction without any anti-cold paste.
  • Holes exclusively with H7 tolerance.
  • Attach regulation and cut-off systems (thermocouples and regulators).
  • Introduction of 100% of the cartridge case length.
  • Do not insert the connection cable inside the hole.
  • Protect the cables and connection inlet of the cartridge from: shocks, splashes and excess material.
  • Do not pick up or carry the cartridge by the cable.
  • Keep the cable away from the heat source and protected from heat.
  • Do not repair damaged cables. Replace them with new ones identical to the original ones.
  • Indicate and submit in writing, before acceptance of the order, the working conditions (vibration, shocks, humid environments).
  • Never leave in operation without qualified human presence.
  • All of the above are mandatory for the safety of people and property.
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